Regency Baptist Temple is a missions minded church.  Click the tab under Missions on the left you will find a list of the missionaries that we support around the world.  These folks have given up so much to be in the center of the will of God, and in their case, that is a foreign land.  They would love to hear from you, that you are thinking of them, and praying for them.  Please utilize their contact information and send them a quick note, or long letter.  It would be a blessing to them, and you!

B.B.F.I. -                                                          http://www.bbfi.org/

Vernon Smith            Africa                                http://www.bbfi-africa.org/smith_v/

Richard Todd            Argentina                         http://www.bbfi-southamerica.org/Todd_R/

Earl Koon                  Australia                           erjlkoon@hotmail.com

Randy Perkins         Australia                           http://bbfi-oceania.org/perkins_r/

Steve Workman       Botswana                         http://bbfi-africa.org/Workman/

Craig Lingo              Colombia                            

Don Stone                Hong Kong/China           don.stone@bbfimissions.org

Cliff McGhee            Ecuador                             cliffmcghee@gmail.com

Glenn McGhee        Ecuador                             glenn.mcghee@bbfimissions.org

Frank Auterson       Ethiopia                              http://bbfi-africa.org/Auterson_F/index.html

Don Williams          France                                 williamsdr1@aol.com

Mike Burgett            Japan                                   MikeBurgett@bbfi.org

Jason Kratchovil    Nicaragua                            krats23@gmail.com

Dennis Ebert          Philippines                          http://bbfi-asia.org/ebert/

Boyd Lyons             Philippines                          boyd.lyons@bbfimissions.org

Bev Lee                   Manna                                   http://bbfi-northamerica.org/Lee_B/

Lavon Waters         Spain                                    http://bbfi-europe.org/Waters/

Bill Williams           Spain                                    www.williamsinspain.com


Kim dae Young       Korea

B.I.M.I. –                                                                      www.bimi.org

Cesar/Christine Cerna        El Salvador                     http://thecernasinelsalvador.blogspot.com/

Jeff Carney                             Mexico/Youth                  http://thecarneyclan.yolasite.com/

Danny Flowers                      France                             djflowers@juno.com

Don Carney                            Mexico

Jorge/Amy Rogriguez           Mexico City

Ronnie Autrey                        Dominican Republic

Jon Flowers                           Taiwan                              ja2china@yahoo.com

Jon Huff                                  Togo                                  huffs2togo@gmail.com

Chris War                               Military/Jax                        http://www.freedomibc.com/

Eric Bohman                          Kenya/Tanzania              http://www.bimi.org/missionaries/BohmanE.php

B.I.O -                                                                             http://www.biomissions.org/index.html

Richard Vick                       


Jeff Reiner                         Brazil                                     jeffreyivana@yahoo.com

Central Missionary Clearing House

Stella Mayo – Retired

Doug Worley                     Philippines

Jason Powers                  Cambodia                            powers4cambodia@yahoo.com

Couriers for Christ

Don Stertz                          Communist Countries      dstertz@wyldewood.org


J. Daniel Soloman


Dave Solt                             England                                 http://www.fbmi.org/missionary/13

Victory Baptist Missions

Biz Lerisse                          Haiti                                       bizinhaiti@yahoo.com

B.M.F.P. -                                                                       http://www.bmfp.org/

Kevin Bennett                      Philippines                          Kevin32236@yahoo.com

Jim Rumsey                        Prison Ministry                 

Mike King                             Brighton Beach, NY           pastorbbbchurch@gmail.com

James Carney                    France                                  http://carneys2france.com/

International Baptist Missions

Debi Curyee                        Deaf/Mexico                         DDDeaf@aol.com


Phillip Allen                          Brazillians/Atlanta              drphilliprallen@yahoo.com

Patrick Gimenez                  West Indies                        patrickgiminez@mwbm.org

Home Missions

Vester Arnold                        Evangelist                           http://vesterarnoldministries.com/

Frank Shiver                         Evangelist

Bearing Precious Seed     Printing Ministry

Hope Children’s Home     Tampa, FL                           http://www.hopechildrenshome.org/

Safe Place Ministry             Phil & Mary Mason             http://www.safeplaceministries.org/Home_Page.html

Trinity Rescue Mission      Jacksonville, FL                 http://trinityrescue.org/

WAYR                                    Radio Ministry                     http://www.wayradio.org/

Church Planting America

Nate & Sarah Hessee       New Life Baptist-Wentzville, MO         www.newlifewentz.com